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Oriole Park (Feature Film)

1978. Chicago. A group of delinquent teens unwittingly put themselves in the sights of notorious serial killer John Wayne Gacy.

Screenplay by
Eric Anderson & Amelia Dellos
Director Jordan Galland

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Retreat (Feature Film)

An improvised mockumentary that follows a disgraced guru through a "comeback" weekend retreat that goes terribly, horribly wrong.


Story by

Eric Anderson, Scott Smith, Ben Auxier & Brian Huther

Director Scott Smith

Starring Susan Messing, Brad Morris, and Ben Auxier & Brian Huther of Friend Dog Studios

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June (Horror)

A grief-stricken father finds the limits of his love challenged after performing an ancient blood ritual to bring his teenage daughter back from the dead.

Screenplay by Eric Anderson

Producer Sonny Mallhi

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Ink. (Comedy/Drama)

An editor following a routine story is threatened, stabbed, bribed and ultimately challenged with the knowledge that the story he's chasing may lead him right back to his own newsroom.

Screenplay by

Eric Anderson & Scott Smith
Director Scott Smith

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