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Oriole Park (Feature Film)

1978. Chicago. A group of delinquent teens unwittingly put themselves in the sights of notorious serial killer John Wayne Gacy.

Screenplay by
Eric Anderson & Amelia Dellos
Director Jordan Galland
Starring Sarah Yarkin

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Retreat (Feature Film)

An improvised mockumentary that follows a disgraced guru through a "comeback" weekend retreat that goes terribly, horribly wrong.


Story by

Eric Anderson, Scott Smith, Ben Auxier & Brian Huther

Director Scott Smith

Starring Susan Messing, Brad Morris, and Ben Auxier & Brian Huther of Friend Dog Studios

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June (Horror)

When a desperate father seizes a chance to bring his teenage daughter back from the dead, her return unleashes a series of unforeseen and devastating consequences.

Screenplay by Eric Anderson

Director Jennifer Reeder

Producer Sonny Mallhi

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Ink. (Comedy/Drama)

An editor following a routine story is threatened, stabbed, bribed and ultimately challenged with the knowledge that the story he's chasing may lead him right back to his own newsroom.

Screenplay by

Eric Anderson & Scott Smith
Director Scott Smith

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