Corn Bred Films, a Chicago film production company

Amelia Dellos is the writer, producer and director of the documentary Love Under Fire: The Story of Bertha and Potter Palmer which aired on WTTW11 Chicago in 2013. She’s currently developing Palmers’ life story as both a stage and feature film production, while also writing the fantasy novel Delilah. In addition to co-founding Corn Bred Films, Amelia has spent many years working in marketing and public relations. She attended Illinois State University and University of Illinois Chicago. 

Corn Bred Films, a Chicago film production company

Eric Anderson's work includes the children's book Alena & the Favorite Thing; a book of horror stories, In the Bones; the festival favorite short films Morphin(e) and Pep Talk; and screenplays including the thriller Black River, comedy/drama Ink, and the indie comedy Zompocalypso. A graduate of the University of Iowa, Eric has also worked for many years as a graphic designer alongside his film work with Corn Bred Films.

The married writing/producing partners and co-founders of Corn Bred Films have written several screenplays together.  Most notable are the Jamie Kennedy romantic comedy Other Plans, released on VOD in 2015; and their current project, Oriole Park, a coming-of-age story set against the John Wayne Gacy murders, inspired by Amelia's childhood growing up in the infamous serial killer's neighborhood.

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