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Like many production companies, we're frequently approached by writers looking for advice on their screenplays. 


But because of the commitment involved, time and budgetary constraints often prevent us from being able to do anything more than look at the first few pages and make a judgment call. Most of the time, the judgment call is "you're not quite there...yet." We make suggestions on books and scripts to read, events to attend, and groups to join to help new writers find their path.


The road to writing a solid script can be a very rocky and lonely one.

We know. We've been there.


You've had friends read it, you've had friends of friends read it, maybe you've even had a pro read it and politely pass...but what you really need is to work with professionals who can provide you with insight that can move your script to the next level.


For the prices listed below, you will get notes on plot points, story structure, character arcs, and more from two produced writers, as well as the benefits of our experiences in the indie film world and our combined 40 years of marketing experience.




Our services include:


Tier One

$250 for 5 pages of high level notes and a phone consultation 


Tier Two

$500 for 15 pages of more detailed notes, a phone consultation + a second 60 min phone consultation after you've completed your rewrite.


Documentary Proposals

$200 includes high level notes and phone consultation


To receive a 5 day turnaround on any of these packages, please add $125 to your total. Normal turnaround time will be 10-14 days.



For any questions, feel free to drop us a note at

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